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"Ulrika has been my vocal coach for over a year now and has completely transformed the sound and shape of my voice. I don’t know where I would be with it if not for her. I noticed improvements from our first session. Ulrika has allowed to me explore my voice in an emotional and technical way  as well as working on improving in my strengths whilst building up and strengthening my weaknesses. Not only that, Ulrika has taught me about the health of my vocal cords and how to take care of them properly which has significantly helped my sound quality. Ulrika is an incredible and versatile vocalist and has always able to demonstrate the most challenging techniques with ease allowing me to fully understand what is required to do so. Ulrika helped me expand my range when I was struggling with it and helped implement essential techniques. I am eternally grateful for Ulrika and I wouldn’t be where I am with my voice if it wasn’t for her."

- Maria Taktouk


Through my lessons with Ulrika, I received the most insightful, productive vocal coaching of my life! Ulrika is a kind, patient and attentive teacher who works with you to unlock the fullest potential in your voice. Her strength as a vocal coach lies in her ability to shape the sessions around your passions and what you would like to try, making them fun and fulfilling!
Anyone looking for a talented vocal coach who can bring out the best in their voice should come to Ulrika!
-Sarah Adedokun


Ulrika is truly one exceptional coach. I have been having lessons with her for over 3 years now and her expertise has never once failed me. I came to her when I was in dire need of vocal coaching in preparation for an audition for The Brit School. Not only did she give me intensive lessons to prepare my voice, but she also walked me through my entire application, helping me proof-read and enhance any part of it that could do with that professional touch.
3 years later, I have now graduated from The Brit School and she is still here pushing me out of my comfort zone to reach my full potential and assisting me in perfecting the techniques she has taught me and put in to practice the industry life lessons she continues to teach me.
Would strongly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to take their voice further or even looking for help with technique to maintain their current skillset.
I can assure you you won’t be disappointed – especially being welcomed by such a kind-hearted and bubbly person!


Ulrika is an Excellent Professional Vocal Coach. I have had several vocal coaches in the past but Ulrika is by far the Best. At one point I became so disheartened and disappointed from experiences I have had with other vocal coaches but I am so Glad I never gave up until I found the right Vocal Coach. I am so impressed by Ulrika’s vocal abilities. She provides you with a very pleasant, warm, friendly, and easy going atmosphere and she has all the patience in the world! She is an AMAZING Singer and I would absolutely Love to be able to Sing like her! I would honestly recommend her 100% to anyone who is looking for not just a Good Vocal Coach but a Brilliant One! I am so impressed by her vocal techniques and I’m so happy that I have finally found Ulrika who is able to teach me in a manner that I am able to Sing in a way that I have always Dreamt of and is able to help me reach my full Potential! 
-Chrissy M



Ulrika is an amazing coach.  She helps my daughter dissect a song and look at it in a different way. She has taught my daughter techniques that she didn’t know existed which have been invaluable to her. Ulrika makes the lesson fun and is so professional and honest which we love. We highly recommend her and will always reach out to her when we need help. With her help and expertise in audition preparation my daughter is now in a west end production!



Ulrika is an amazing coach, not only because she ishas a lot of experience in the field and knows exactly how to make your body understand what it needs to do when it comes to singing but also because she understands and listens to what you want and need to learn at each moment and is able to give the technical support one needs. She is calm, patient and supportivebut also fun,energetic and positive which make her lessons super enjoyable. Defenetly recommend !


Ulrika taught me so much, helped me with a vocal excercise plan to build my vocal ability and to step up my game. I’m now singing professionally. x K

Have no words! SHE IS THE BEST. I went for a couple of months to her classes and it was enough to know that she’s the best vocal coach ( and also a great person ♥️). Helped me a lot and I will always be thankful for that.


Ulrika is a phenomenal vocal coach, filled with practical experience. Her background in both performance and music education makes her lessons very helpful and inspiring. She is encouraging, approachable and tailors tuition to your needs. Would fully recommend. 


Ulrika is an absolutely fantastic vocal teacher! I struggle a lot with performance anxiety but I feel so comfortable and confident with Ulrika in our lessons. She is very thorough and explains the vocal exercises well, and I have seen a huge improvement in my own techniques in such a short period of time! She’s super friendly and we have a good laugh which makes the lessons fun and enjoyable. Couldn’t recommend her enough!
-Olive Olin



"Ulrika lessons are so much fun! You can focus on the areas you need to improve on while singing some of your favourite songs! Since I have had her as a teacher I have improved a lot in my vocals. Ulrika is very patient and gives you confidence when you sing. You can rely on Ulrika to help you with your own songs or to prepare for auditions. I am so happy I have her as my singing teacher and to see the progress I have made."
-Sophia Alexa


"Ulrika is a fantastic vocal coach! She focuses on your specific needs as a singer and is an extremely positive person. While she lets you choose some of your personal favourite songs, she is also highly adept at picking out songs that would best suit your voice. She's been nothing but helpful and friendly for the past year that I've been singing with her, if you are looking for a vocal coach I would definitely recommend her."


"The perfect coach for your vocal chords and for your soul! Ulrika brings you technique, challenge, confidence and happiness to sing. I can only recommend her as a vocal coach!!"


"Ulrika's lessons are always a joy to come to, she has helped me in so many ways. She focuses on you as a singer allowing you to develop as an individual, 200% recommend :)"


"Ulrika is a great coach, with a good sense of humour. She has the ability to help develop the voice, doing various exercises which always seem to be fun. She's never put me under pressure in any way, just always looking at positives and ways to grow as a singer. I look forwards to future lessons!"

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